11 May 2022 | Services

Securing Cannabis Production Sites

Protect-IP is an industry leader in integrated physical security solutions. Over the years we have developed in-depth knowledge of the Cannabis industry and its requirements. We offer the best technical solutions and we have the know-how which resulted in demonstrated successes for which we are well recognized for within this market.

Since the legalization of cannabis in 2018,the growth of the industry has been exponential and we continue to see new players emerging in the industry day by day. The cannabis market is worth several billions’ dollars. We could see state of the art facilities with tangible assets worth millions of dollars. Stakeholders want to be assured and have peace of mind that all these assets are secured and we “Protect IP Global Solutions” are providing all in one solutions to secure cannabis production facilities.

We have been an early contributor and we can proudly say we can showcase our worth in spades. We understand what Health Canada requires before, during, and after the construction/expansion of your site and we have learned what are the pitfalls and difficulties that could delay the readiness of your site or the processing of your certification. Our security proficiency and various partnerships will save you time, resources, and money. We are the best security advisors and technical team member that you need to embark in this journey successfully. Don’t miss out, you work hard every day, and this is complex; it’s time to choose the best partner by your side.

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