Our markets

Security is as important to you as it is to us. Whether it is to protect your premises, your assets or your employees, implementing a physical security solution will allow you to protect what is most important to you and have peace of mind.

What is your story? You are in charge of a school or a school board, manage a private airport, supply provincial power or operate a museum, a quarry, a municipal swimming pool, a lumber yard, a cannabis production facility or you run a clinic or a seniors living facility, in all instances, we are here for you. We design, install and commission a security solution that addresses the needs of each of our customers. 

No matter what field of expertise you are in, tell us about your security concerns and we will rise up to the challenge.

Although security is a necessity that may appear to be standard, we are highly attentive to the particular needs of each of our clients who operate in a different environment from one another. Every solution implemented is perfectly designed with our customers’ challenges and expectations in mind.

Our expertise and agility enable us to offer our services to all industries and sectors. Over the years, Protect-IP has stood out even more in certain environments, where we have either been more active in or developed innovative solutions in response to the specific challenges of these customers.

More recently, since early 2017, Protect-IP has blossomed as subject matter expert in the cannabis industry and particularly by offering security solutions and consulting services to entrepreneurs and business leaders seeking to obtain a production license or to further expand their operation. Since then, our reputation has been considerably high with these customers and the industry in terms of security expertise and in our ability to satisfy Health Canada requirements.

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Beyond this industry, Protect-IP team has designed specific solutions for a wide variety of clients in various other business sectors. This variety has allowed us to develop greater product knowledge offered by our suppliers, to be innovative and to be more agile in the delivery of our projects and services.

Challenges & needs

The subtle differences in the customers’ needs and challenges are important. Here are a few, to help in defining yours.

  • Loss prevention, mitigate damage and graffiti in public places
  • Control the access to a warehouse or a multi-site facility, to a parking site or to a public park
  • Importance of redundancy
  • Recognition of container identification numbers or vehicle identification or licence plate in transport
  • Monitor remote sites, even those without communication or electricity and exposed to extreme elements
  • Constant evolution
  • Monitor and protect sites and its perimeter, day and night
  • Control level of access to entrances and exits
  • Protect residents of a seniors’ home or a commercial property by controlling entry and exit
  • Validate the body temperature of visitors, employees and students
  • Allow public announcements on multiple floors and premises, by means of audio or video

Whatever the challenges, our team will be happy to serve you well

Where we work

The clients we serve operate in a variety of industries including:

  • Manufacturing, Warehouse & Distribution
  • Transportation & Utilities
  • Education
  • Leisure & Hospitality
  • Cannabis  To know more
  • Seniors Housing
  • Property Management
  • Construction
  • Industrial & Commercial
  • Retail

Whatever your industry, we are your partner in securing your people and assets with the most appropriate solutions tailored to your needs and budgets.