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Protecting your people and assets is at the top of your list, yet, you need someone to entrust this with while you concentrate on your business.

Security is our core business. 

We develop tailored security systems taking a solutions-oriented approach to your needs allowing us to deliver to your expectations, quickly and effectively. The goal is to ensure every person, building, asset and network under your leadership benefit from optimal security. At the core, Protect-IP sells products and licences, designs solutions, runs cables, installs devices, configures, integrates, provides training, maintains and monitors customer sites.

Working in collaboration with our customers, our skilled team members always aim to present the best options for great ROI, within the required budget and implement those within timelines and at high quality and user experience. We manage each project and service as if it was our own, with care, transparency rigour and effectiveness. We have the know-how to advise on technologies, identify the most vulnerable and critical areas to protect and always ensure our customers are equipped with the ability to manage their system with ease and confidence.

Our Protect-IP team is committed to delivering on our promises.

For your security needs

We offer end-to-end comprehensive products and services to keep your buildings, assets and people safe.

Access Control
Restricting and monitoring who goes where and when on your site. With fobs, cards or biometrics, the access control systems allow you to authorize and know who is inside or around your premise at any time. Protect the perimeter by controlling the access or tampering on the barriers, fences and gates.

Alarm Intrusion
Commonly referred to as burglar alarm systems, this system detects and mitigates theft, vandalism and property damage by using a variety of sensors detecting movement, glass breaks, lasers, sirens and speakers. The system is also for life safety by detecting chemicals or fire and alerting first responders in case of an event. These can be interactive and remotely accessible and may reduce your insurance premiums.

Video Surveillance
From plug-and-play or stand-alone, IP or Analog, to advanced CCTV system, gain quick and easy access around the clock to clear and high definition images to manage your site. From basic network video recorder system to more sophisticated video management system the video surveillance can be personalized to meet your requirements. Drawing on technologies such as video analytics for facial or plate/number recognition, the system can trigger a response based on pre-programmed instructions to protect your site.


  • Public Address (PA) Systems
  • P2P, Point to Multi-Point, Mesh wireless


  • Structured and Fiber
  • Network and Security

Our services come in different forms

Maintenance of security devices and systems

  • Service Contract
  • Block of hours

Preventive Maintenance

  • Testing and replacing batteries
  • Cleaning camera lenses
  • Firmware updates

Security Audits, system assessments and certifications

Design, Engineering and drawings

  • AutoCad, Bluebeam
  • Security components
  • Network Architecture
  • Cable routes

Security Consulting Services

Standalone or Customized Integrations

Advanced Technologies

  • Biometrics
  • Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

7/24 Monitoring

  • Alarm central ULC Listed
  • Virtual Guard


Protect-IP values strong partnerships. We build and nurture reliable relationships with suppliers and vendors across brands and platforms to have the wits and expertise to bring you, our Customers, the best solution and value possible. We hold certifications across all major security technology products and systems. When we are missing one, we are always keen to acquire any necessary certification.

Our promise to you: as an independent, technology agnostic, service provider we propose, implement and maintain solutions that are best suited to solve your security challenges at the greatest benefits for you.


We aim to earn our customers’ trust and be their "go-to" skilled advisors in terms of protecting their people, assets and sites.

We are proud to share their appreciation and some most notable comments.

They trusted us

"I have been partnering with Protect-IP since 2018. I entrusted them with our Company’s security requirements throughout our Ontario and Quebec venues. Their staff are not only highly dedicated and competent, but they truly make it a point to understand their customer’s needs. Their recommendations are always flawless, and they don’t needlessly embellish to try and oversell their products.

Unlike others in the security industry, Protect-IP’s post-sales service is outstanding. Every time I have a query or notice a glitch with the equipment, their response time is amazing. I have a number of other budding security projects and Protect-IP will be an integral part of these upcoming ventures."

Chief Security Officer (CSO)


I am more than pleased to inform you all that the customer service provided was fantastic

I have met many individuals in my time but there are only a few worth remembering and to that I say your technician has gone well over all my expectations. 

Head of Security


No matter the issue, no matter the time the technician did not ever give up on us and the state that I discovered the system was more than "rough." To be honest, I am not quite sure where our Company would be now if it was not for his support and professionalism. 

The reason as to why I am going out of my way to acknowledge this person is because I experienced a more than terrible experience with another customer service rep at another company. He really took care and did his due diligence to ensure our system was reaching a complete package status.  

Head of Security


"Our experience with the Protect-IP team was exceptional, comforting, and reassuring. Given the new industry we are working in, having experts ready to listen and guide us has contributed immensely to our success.

A service and a team available and listening 24/7. But above all, a service and a personalized team, which adds value to their relationships with customers. Thanks (…), for shared knowledge and all the guidance she offered us throughout our project! A real asset at Protect-IP!"

Enterprise Management Administrator

Cannabis LP

"[Our company] started as a vision/project in my head years ago (..) an impossible project on blueprint at the time but you saw it the same I did and you never wavered in your ardour to help me make it a reality against many odds. Because of my blurb vision at many times, to create [the company], we have travelled and trekked together a long and twisted road “Montreal to Ottawa” - via Halifax.

Along the course of my career I’ve called-on/hired [several] of consultants on all continents in many spheres of activity. Frankly, none have ever defined with such honor the “consultant” adjective. Today [my company] is an impossible mission come true successfully so yes, I repeat again, “there are no mistakes in a creative process when the creative people deliver jewels (..)”; “Deliver the goods” is my favorite expression and best compliment; Hence, Team Protect-IP, thank you for pushing ahead with me up until “the goods were delivered”."

Owner and Founder

Cannabis LP

"We completed a national rollout of over 13 locations, and it went very well. I appreciate the work of the local and remote support teams in getting things done on time and within the allocated budget."

Technology Director Chief Safety and Security


"Thank you to the team, we truly appreciate the orientation to the self-service portal and the responsiveness of the team on our service needs."

Senior Manager, Safety & Security


"I just wanted to send a quick thanks and let you know I appreciate how prompt and thorough your response was. Not just on this item, but in all aspects of this project. It is so nice to deal with true professionals who are experienced and are team players - you make my job easier! Thank you."

Co-Founder & COO

Medicinal Cannabis LP

"We could not have done it [65,000 sqf construction] without your team! Thank you (…) We always appreciate the prompt responses."

Director of Quality and Regulatory Compliance

Medicinal Cannabis LP

"I just wanted to thank you and all your team for the work done in [our site] for the [exterior] project, the deadlines were short and the time very precious.

Your team quickly adapted to give us a service that was simply impeccable. I want to emphasize the availability, the professionalism and the quality of service that you have all delivered.

Whenever we needed, each member of your Ace team is there to assist us, whether in person or over the phone. Your availability makes the difference during a project like this where the time is limited.

I think it is important to take the time to highlight the work of everyone and a THANK YOU here."

Head Security

Cannabis LP

"This wouldn’t have been possible without their commitment and excellent work.

I would also like to thank you for all of your hard work. Without you this would not have been possible. My team is very fortunate to have someone so dedicated to support us and often simply take on the work. I truly appreciate that."

Director, IS Operations


"[Technician was] very friendly, professional and efficient"

Executive Assistant


"And as a testament of great work, we’re renewing AGAIN (..) the service contract! WELL DONE you both and everyone behind to make us look good."

Director IS

Cannabis LP

"Thank you for all your help [service request], you are both consummate professionals."

Director Security


"[Service request] Great job and service. KEEP IT UP."

Security Agent


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