6 February 2013 | News

We are Hiring

We are Hiring a Project Manager in our Montreal Office.

The project manager is a catalyst. He/she leads projects to a successful conclusion and coordinates all the actors involved in the security project, whether it be through its implementation or its deliverables. He/she manages the impacts of the project, both during its execution and after its completion. A project is defined firstly by its uniqueness, the result is specific to each context, and secondly by its schedule, which always has a beginning and an end. The main responsibilities can be categorized into two main areas: Communication and Risk Management. In more detail we are looking for someone who :
  • End-to-end project management;
  • Managing all resources: financial, human, hardware and software;
  • Informing all actors (such as clients, stakeholders, team), getting information and maintaining the link and interest of all actors;
  • Management of orders and inventory for the project;
  • Presence on the project site;
  • Plan and prevent changes in order to manage risks, deal with unforeseen events (financial, human) and adapt to stay on course;
  • Review and annotate plans and diagrams of new installations;
  • Orchestrate and ensure final documentation to the client;
  • Coordinate an operational handover to the teams involved in the service as well as clear communication of upcoming protocols to the customer;
  • Support sales with technical solutions, delivery feasibility and possible dates or timelines.

Most of the work will be in the greater Montreal area and in Quebec, but for those interested, they may be required to work elsewhere in Canada on special projects. The successful candidate will be passionate about the security industry and will be able to :

  • Ensure that customers are trained on the proper use and operation of the installed equipment as well as on the CRM-Client portal;
  • Ensure proper documentation in internal systems;
  • May travel throughout the territory covered;
  • Respect the deadlines and budget for the installation;
  • Respect the standards and protocols of the customer service policy;
  • Respect the rules of construction sites and health and safety standards.

Please send your resume to hr@protect-ip.ca

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