11 May 2022 | Services

Our Services

We offer end-to-end comprehensive products and services to keep your buildings, assets and people safe.

Access Control
Restricting and monitoring who goes where and when on your site. With fobs, cards or biometrics, the access control systems allow you to authorize and know who is inside or around your premise at any time.

Alarm Intrusion
Commonly referred to as burglar alarm systems, this system detects and mitigates theft, vandalism and property damage by using a variety of sensors detecting movement, glass breaks, lasers, sirens and speakers. The system is also for life safety by detecting chemicals or fire and alerting first responders in case of an event.

Video Surveillance
From plug-and-play or stand-alone, IP or Analog, to advanced CCTV system, gain quick and easy access around the clock to clear and high definition images to manage your site. From basic network video recorder system to more sophisticated video management system the video surveillance can be personalized to meet your requirements. Drawing on technologies such as video analytics for facial or plate/number recognition, the system can trigger a response based on pre-programmed instructions to protect your site.

  • Structured and Fiber
  • Network and Security
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