Our team is passionate about developing custom physical security solutions. We design, install, integrate and maintain Access Control Systems, CCTV/Video Surveillance, Intrusion Alarm and Perimeter Protection. We select and implement IP based technologies and solutions, which meet the current security objectives of our customers, as well as solutions which can evolve according to the growth of their business.

In addition to providing physical security systems, our Research and Development (R&D) initiatives is a key component in positioning our company within the industry. We aim to innovate and develop state-of-the-art solutions such as:

  • Management of remote sites that are exposed to extreme conditions where communication and electricity are non-existent
  • Management of parking sites which requires the monitoring of remaining available parking places count, validation of permits by capturing the licence plates or the availability of data to analyse and inform on the site’s flow of circulation.
  • The protection of construction sites by using video analytics and wireless communication which not only allow the automatic triggering of a siren but also enables a virtual agent to be on the site virtually within a few moments and interacting with the site using audio / video functionalities
  • Providing multi-tiered levels of security within a Retail site where access control may vary from the entrance to the point of sale. In comparison, at a Cannabis Production site where access to the cage or the vault, where the inventory and the specimens are maintained, would be at the highest levels of controls within the site.

We maintain a technological vigil to be relevant in the marketplace and offer today’s cutting-edge solutions that will evolve with our customers’ business. In short, our approach delivers effective integrated security solutions designed to mitigate our Customers’ biggest risks.