Our Portfolio

Here are a few examples of our accomplishments over the past few years

Correctional Facilities

Protect-IP has managed the security for some federal prisons, integrating multiple access control technologies, IP video surveillance, network cabling, fiber optics, emergency call, VOIP and other low voltage automation.

School boards, Colleges, Universities

Protect-IP acted as the design arm for multiple school boards and universities in order to create the documentation guidelines to standardized their security infrastructure.  


In addition to design their guidelines, we have deployed and supported the back end infrastructure for Video Management software, Access control, Alarm, Documentation, Training Videos and other requirements.


Protect-IP has deployed access control systems and camera systems for some hydro companies.  The integration of gates and remote video  surveillance using advanced wireless technologies were some of the solutions provided.


Here is an example of integration

Retail, Food, Clothing and Electronics 

Protect-IP has deployed camera systems, access and alarm systems for large national retail companies.  Our success was based on our ability to work with multiple levels in the organization starting from the head office, regional management, area managers as well as store managers.  In these high turnover industries, reducing the number of false alarms through seamless employee management and reducing shrinkage is key.

Greenhouses and Farming industry

Protect-IP has deployed camera systems, climate control and intrusion systems for greenhouse operations that have sites spread across the country. The objective was for the growers to see their crops and being able to compare the production from time to time by taking pictures, zooming in on vegetation, and remotely managing their climate control system.

Parking Management Companies

Protect-IP has deployed access management solutions and revenue control systems for large national parking management companies.  Protect-IP functioned as their design arm in order to design the civil infrastructure for parking entrances and exits, including gate placement, electricity requirements, integration with access control systems and other requirements.


Protect-IP has deployed security systems including cameras, access control and a customized video billing system.  All planes are subject to airport landing fees.  Invoicing the airlines or private owners is done according to the license number indicated on the tail end of the plane.  By strategic placement of video cameras and the implementation of license plate recognition analytics, Protect-IP automated the billing process.


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