Temporary and Mobile Security

There are occasions when you need to have security in places where there are no electrical or communication infrastructure available. Protect-IP has developed a portfolio of unique solutions to fit these remote or extreme locations with either a permanently fixed or temporary/mobile solution.


These unique solutions can be purchased or rented for special occasions.  Some can be deployed within 24 hours.  Call us for a quote.

Hybrid, Solar and Wind Powered Security Solution

Protect-IP provides a unique and robust solution to protect remote sites through video surveillance and wireless communication.  It is designed to withstand and perform in the harshest environments, such as construction sites, mining, oil operations and any location where power and communication presents a real challenge. It is a self sustained autonomous station which supports IP66 rated equipment like, overhead lighting, security cameras, wireless communications, weather monitoring sensors and much more.


Design to fit each application, the station can be configured to produce enough power to support other onsite equipment, used to monitor and control your operation, such as industrial sensors to collect real-time information like pressure, temperature, humidity, flow rates. You can also trigger events like opening a valve, or to switch ON circuits remotely. The Power of Automation Anywhere !


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Solar Powered Security Camera

Serving as the little brother to the Autonomous Station listed above, this low cost solution provides video surveillance on a smaller scale.  This solution can be installed on existing light or electrical poles and can be packaged as a mobile solution for sites where the area requires security changes.

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Light Powered Security Camera

Most light poles are configured such that power to the lights is controlled and managed centrally from inside the building.  Lights come ON at night when power is turned ON and distributed to all light poles.  During the day time however, no power is available at these light poles. 


Protect-IP has developed a unique Charging & Battery Backup system to provide 24/7 camera power at these light pole locations.  A battery bank is charged at night when the lights are ON and then feeds power to the video surveillance system during daylight hours.  This solution is intended for existing light poles which means there is no need for costly trenching.


This solution is to be installed on existing light poles.


Mobile security

This mobile solution can be deployed in a very short time-frame and can be relocated as needed.  This trailer is perfect for monitoring construction sites, equipment yards or any outdoor area requiring security changes. 


Construction Site Intrusion System

Construction sites are ever changing environments.  There is always a risk that high value equipments and materials stored in areas without security go missing. 


Protect-IP has developed an adaptable intrusion system allowing General Contractors to protect the perimeter of their construction sites or temporary storage areas with Portable Outdoor Motion Detectors.


Protect-IP has embedded motion detectors into construction pylons that can be laid out in any configuration on the site and can be relocated as needed.  There is no need for costly wiring or installation.  It is as simple as setting the pylons in the desired area and arming the system at night and disarming it in the morning before moving the pylons out of the way.


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